Frequently Asked Questions

Why are the fruits & veggies considered as "second category" or "imperfect"?
They are either too small, too wonky, too scarred, or too ripe. The truth is, the beauty standards of retail stores and supermarkets are very high. It can also happen that they’ve become surplus; meaning that our farmers were unable to sell them through traditional channels. This is where we come in with our network of customers, and together, we rescue fresh produce.

When will i receive my box?
We deliver every Thursday between 9:00 to 15:00.
You will be notified a day before via email for the delivery time of your area.
Please note: For same week delivery, make sure you order before 23:59h on Sunday. All orders we receive after Sunday night will be delivered the following week.

How does it work?
Head over to our shop to sign up for a subscription (delivered every week, or every two weeks). You will maximize your contribution to avoiding food waste with a subscription. And you can cancel any time (and without any cost). If you prefer to only buy one box for now, simply choose “one time purchase”.

Where are you based? What areas do you deliver to?
 We are based in Lisbon, Portugal. Currently, we deliver to the following municipalities:
Lisboa, Amadora, Odivelas, Oeiras, Cascais, and Almada / Costa da Caparica.

Are you planning to expand to other areas?
YES! We would love to grow our community to more areas in order to fight against food waste together. We just need enough people who are interested.
If we don’t deliver to your area yet, please send us an email with your contact details so that we can inform you when we do expand.

Are your products certified organic?
Our Shiitake Mushrooms and Free Range Eggs are organically certified. While we love organic and are always searching for an organic option, not all of our farmers count with an organic certification. And since our primary objective is to reduce food waste, we give all farmers a chance. Stay tuned for our farmer and product updates.

Where do the fruits & veggies come from?
All our fresh produce is sourced in Portugal. Our current main farmers are in:
Torres Vedras, Lamego, Melides (Alentejo), Aldeas do Pico (Alentejo), and Lagoa Santo Andre (Alentejo).
    Can I choose what's in the box?
    At the moment, you are able to choose between organic, free-range eggs or an additional 250g of organic shiitake mushrooms (all boxes already come with a 250g bag of shiitake mushrooms).

    As for the rest of the fresh produce, we always give our best to include a large variety of fruits and vegetables in order to keep everyone happy. These change every single week, according to the regional and seasonal harvest.

      I have allergies. What then?
      We strive to make sure all our customers can receive our boxes and to accommodate needs as much as possible. We are unable, however, to customize boxes individually at this time. That being said, please let us know your allergies and we will do our best and let you know what we can do. Please note that due to logistical reasons all weekly produce has the potential to be in contact with one another.

        How do I pause or cancel my subscription?
        Please send us an email at hello@equalfood.co to explain your request, or the inconvenience you’re experiencing. One of our team members will help you as it must be done manually.